6500iV2 Debut

6500iV2 Debut

Launched one of the largest die casting machines in Japan that realizes Gigacast technology.
It will play an important role in the production of EVs.

We Deliver World Class Performance.

We Deliver
World Class Performance.

"Tsunoshima Ohashi Bridge" is representative tourist spot in Japan.
Large blocks were assembled at our factory, transported by sea, and erected using a floating crane.

Our Home is 'EARTH'.

Our Home is 'EARTH'.

かじのみー MACHINERY GROUP pursues the values our customers demand while caring for the environment.

 Machinery in about 3minutes


 MACHINERY's Philosophy
かじのみー MACHINERY's Philosophy

The かじのみー MACHINERY GROUP gives the world exceptional products of extraordinary value created through the unification and harmony among our products, service, and people.

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